Hiring key people

The human factor is the most important for scaling. As tier 1 investors, we attract talent knowing what it is like to join ambitious companies and be backed by a VC. We make the most of these contacts by selecting them to join our senior talent pool and we match them to our founders top management recruitment needs from Seed to Series B.

Our European Senior Talent Pool

We are the first to know about next year’s hiring plan or “off the records” job openings. This is why we created XAnge Talents, a curated list of top European senior professionals able to support our founders’ vision.

We focus on talent matching with “C-Levels”, “VP”, “Head of” positions in Seed to Series B companies on the following topics: Finance, HR, Marketing, Product, Operations, Sales, Tech and International expansion. We also have a specific section for “Chief of Staff” positions.


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Supporting beyond sourcing

Beyond helping founders source talent for “C-Level”, “VP”, and “Head of” positions, we support them throughout the entire hiring process: 

Job description and scorecard review

We know what skills a CxO needs in a Seed or Series A or B company. We give you access to example job descriptions and provide an objective, unbiased eye on your job descriptions and scorecards.

Hiring plan & Team sizing

We have conducted benchmarks across our whole portfolio. According to your growth ambitions and maturity, we can provide you with an overview of best practices relevant to you.

Interviewing candidates

As investors, we are good at analyzing people and whether or not they will be able to perform. We are available anytime to participate in candidate interviews. 

Compensation review

We conduct annualsurvey for C-levels and give our founders access to a curated list of compensation resources per job function and geography.

Interviewing candidates

If you need to speed up your sourcing, we have qualified head hunters based on rigorous selection process and on our portfolio companies’ feedback. Need to recruit? We can give you the top 3 head hunter for the job, with their pricing, key references, and contact details. 

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