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At XAnge, we are building a powerful help desk dedicated to founders and their COMEX members to support them in their daily challenges. How? - By adding up the expertises and experiences of our+220 backed startups since our creation - By packaging this knowledge into concrete tools and acceleration programs. Because we believe our work has to support entrepreneurs beyond our portfolio, we listed below a few of our useful resources.

Our Programs

U.S Bridge
Our program to jumpstart your business in the U.S
Rock the Remote Codes
Create your remote work policy document here
The Covid-19 Playbook
It's not a race, it's a marathon! All the sanitary, legal and financial measures to support startup during covid crisis.

Our Startup Success Platform

To better answer our portfolio needs, we’ve built a support platform that every startups can get access to. In 2020, the Startup Success team has dealt with +350 requests, on topics such as management, international development, finance, sales or hr, with a rate of 80% of success.
Benefit 1 : Dedicated to Founders and Comex Members
We understand that founder's time is a limited resource. That's why our support extends to Comex Members to help them learn and grow at the same pace than their company.
Benefit 2 : Focused on Organisation Scaling
We bring a cross-functional approach that addresses the main issues related to scaling : Sales, HR, Tech... Because you can't be an expert in everything, we introduce you to our partners and coaches.
Benefit 3 : A Customer Success Vision at Our Portfolio Scale
We nurture the XAnge Community, allowing every entrepreneur to benefit from the experience of others and connecting them to a strong corporates and experts network.
Benefit 4 : A Support Team Available Anytime
We use tech to scale our support offer and be able to bring the right value within 48 hours to our companies.

Our dedicated Startup Success team

Our team is a happy mix of skills, from executive coaching and product management to operations. Our expertise? Knowing what's happening at every growing step of a company and helping our founders and their COMEX team to reduce the learning cuves.
Pauline is leading our Startup Success platform. She is always ready to tackle any operational matter for our startups. She's always thinking of solutions before problems. When she’s not at work, you can find her warming up her vocal cords, standing on a monocycle or building no-code apps.
Head of Startup Success
David is French-American and joined XAnge in 2022. As part of the Startup Success Team he leverages his international perspective and experience in developing partnerships to provide tailored support to founders. David is passionate about the intersection of art and technology and is obsessive about classical music.
Startup Success Manager


What do you put in place to help portfolio companies grow ?

Our Startup Success team designs programs to support entrepreneurs at every phase of their way and on any operational issue they can face : team management, business development, key recruitments, international expansion…   They negociate different deals and special discounts so founders can concentrate on growing their business.    Finally, they nurture the XAnge Community, allowing every entrepreneur to benefit from the experience of others and connecting them to a strong corporates and experts network.

How do you promote the sharing of best practices within the XAnge portfolio?

We promote the sharing of best practices through:  

1.Regular peer-to-peer talks for Operational Managers

2.Ask me Anything sessions with experts from our companies' Operational Teams

3. Networking & direct matchmaking on specific topics.

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