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Investing for the 99% : betting on user experience to improve care [1/3]

Humans (re)discover they are more vulnerable than ever.

With a global pandemic, frail economic development, and fast-paced destruction of our planet’s ecosystems threatening quality of life, care has become an imperative necessity of our time.

Care means paying stronger attention to ourselves. It means protecting the quality of our environment, at work, at home or in transports, and preserving balance in our ecosystems.

Care implies vigilance, as much as relentless efforts to build sustainable solutions.

XAnge focuses on making technology accessible to the largest possible audience. And here is why we invest in care to improve everyday people’s quality of life, at scale, by generalizing access to affordable & efficient healthcare, education and better housing for all.

People expect better care experiences

VCs invest where they see tension.

We believe a combination of high value markets and strong demand for renewed user experience will create massive opportunities for tech startups in care.

Despite fixed care expenditures steadily growing over the last 30 years (doubling for healthcare, tripling for housing), overall user experience hasn’t improved for a vast majority of the people.

How is your experience at a doctor’s appointment different than 20 years ago? Is it acceptable to always pay more for a housing service that doesn’t improve?

This generates strong expectations, which are all the higher as entire sectors of our economy have transformed successfully — take retail & media — while care lagged behind.

Democratizing access to experts

Healthcare and real estate are built with a strong walled-garden view of their service offer. This model affects performance, cost-effectiveness… and overall user experience.

We see opportunity for startups who contribute to democratize these markets:

Think telemedicine with direct access to verticalized experts, or “outside hospital” solutions like Ouihelp, which brings elderly care out of nursing homes by putting senior people in relationship with in-home caregivers located around them. Think Morning and other coworking in the real estate sector.

Opportunities are numerous

First, data is now liquid and ready for use. Applied to care, automatization and AI-based predictions can go miracles. We know from experience as first believers in Implicity, the smart monitor that helps cardiologists keep up with pacemaker data.

We see extraordinary opportunities for horizontal connectors, i.e. startups who are able to make data liquid, interoperable and ready for applications.

The massive records developed these past 20 years in healthcare (connected pacemaker, digital recording of treatments), offices (connected access control) and housing (connected heating) are ripe for use at scale.

Opportunity is everywhere. Let’s leverage it to improve care.

Care is all about improving people’s everyday life.

1.HEALTHCARE. We believe in hiding complexity, through the development of seamless full-stack services all across the value chain (hello Alan). Let’s improve care in treatment programs, in the organization of the hospital itself, recruitment and communication. The fact that 70% of doctors communicate on Whatsapp, or that they search Google for information on drug interactions are nothing but encouragement for improvements. With Treefrog, we also believe that when possible, high-level R&D programs must be industrialized for the benefit of all.


2.WORK EXPERIENCE. We put our money on helping businesses deliver their employees the experience they deserve — and perform. Think Welcome To The Jungle. Think daily interactions, performance reviews and training.


3.HOUSING & REAL ESTATE. The revolution underway with coworking and targeted service offerings in workspace now extends to housing real estate. Think Habx, which helps property developers collect their customers’ needs to personalize their future homes. The key words here are connectivity, safety, comfort and personalization.


4.ENVIRONMENT. Care is as much about ourselves (quality food and nutrition) as it is about finding ways to reduce waste and protect natural resources. The digital tools we develop, the data generated by sensors and imagery, can have a huge impact on the long run.


5.EDUCATION. Despite all the diplomas and offers available, mainstream education fails at providing useful (and employable) skills for all. With 360 Learning, we believe that continuous and dynamic training is part of the solution. We believe in bootcamps. In multifaceted career paths. In personalized training on the go, available anytime and when it is needed the most. This is about empowerment.

Now is the moment to act!

With IT costs plummeting and care industries becoming increasingly aware of the strategic value of user experience, opportunities for talented entrepreneurs are virtually unlimited. We’ll be here to support them.

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