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And what about all the others ?

Venture capital has a strong impact on our daily lives.

The equity that we invest and the associated support enable us to bring entire industries out of the ground. They are driven by visionary entrepreneurs who can very quickly take pride in changing the way things are done.

No industry frightens us anymore. We no longer see any obstacle to support the most daring teams who are making medicine, space, agriculture or even cryptocurrency their new playgrounds.

Objectively, we are more and more indispensable. But let’s be lucid, the times push us to question our fundamentals.

The world is splitting in two.

A small group of humans (let’s say it represents 1% of the whole) concentrates the majority of access to qualified jobs, education, health, mobility, infrastructures, culture… And then, there is a very, very large group of humans (99% of the whole, therefore) who have bad access (or even not!) to these “basic services”.

Let’s be honest. These 99% are also kept away, or almost away, from the technological revolutions that are taking place. Innovations are designed for large groups and too little for SMEs, craftsmen and self-employed; digital products are developed for educated urban youth, not for those who lack the codes, who do not have the age or simply do not have the good devices.

Fortunately things are changing, and we are at the forefront of making this movement a powerful groundswell that will structurally change the way innovation is conceived: Compte Nickel, Shine, La Ruche Qui Dit Oui!, BlaBlaCar, Alan, Lydia, Back Market, Believe have opened a path into which the best teams of entrepreneurs of the new generation are rushing.

We are responsible for the futures we finance.

In 30 years, technology has made monumental advances. As a VC, we have the opportunity to promote their use for positive purposes for as many people as possible.

This is why we are redirecting our investments towards projects that will serve as many everyday lifes as possible.

  1. CARE.Is it normal that a pensioner in a hospital in the centre of France does not have the same quality of analysis of his hip fracture as a patient at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York?

Our investments in Care must contribute to the reduction of inequalities in health, food, housing and the environment.


Why do we not have access to the same information about the same product when shopping at Tesco or Auchan?

Our investments in the Trust aim to give as many people as possible back control over their essential digital tools and services.

3_ DATA.

Isn’t it time for a SME with fewer than 10 people in a medium-sized town to have the same ERP and artificial intelligence tools as a CAC40 company?

Our investments in Data must bring about a world where artificial intelligence is used for the collective good, personal data is (finally) personal, and the decentralisation of technologies via the Cloud favours new virtuous and resilient networked business models with a high level of security.

We do not forget who we are.

We are professional investors with convictions. They are perfectly in line with the crucial issues we are all facing and our financial performance objectives.

1_ CAPTURING MAXIMUM VALUE. Addressing the 99% is, for a startup, to address deep markets with important outlets ;

2_ MAXIMISE EXIT OPPORTUNITIES. Addressing the 99% means addressing wider markets with a wider variety of potential buyers, including major consumer groups.

So, what if we were thinking to all the others?

Nurses, shopkeepers, self-employed, SMEs, local authorities, etc. are shouting at us every day with more verve that they are the forgotten ones of the digital revolution.

Single-parent families, unemployed, school dropouts, seniors, feel increasingly destitute and isolated in a society that no longer knows how to integrate them.

Duly noted.

What digital has achieved with artists, influencers, designers, freelancers by giving them new fields of expression, we can also do it for all social and professional categories.

Since the beginnings of the internet, with the help of bold venture capitalists, visionary entrepreneurs have connected the whole world and designed devices that are accessible to the greatest number of people.

The infrastructure is there, powerful and resilient. So, no excuses! Let’s play our role as first believers by detecting those who are taking up these major challenges and giving them the means to (really) change as many everyday lifes as possible.

And then we’ll be proud. Really.

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