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Andreas Gall & Nadja Bresous Mehigan

Impact Investing : Beyond Capital

In times of search of meaningful and sustainable lifestyles we are convinced that entrepreneurs - and the VCs who back them - have a strong role to play in the dynamic of bringing change at a global scale, while also working at the very local scale. As traditional business models are being disrupted, in every industry, there is a need to rethink how we design, produce or sell goods and services. It is also a chance to encourage profitable business to drive more impact and work alongside communities. We believe we owe to the next generation to support projects fighting climate change, preserving biodiversity and making sure the fragile and elderly have an appropriate place in our society. But as the world faces increasing environmental and social challenges, “Impact” is not to be considered a buzzword. It has to be assessed with strong and measurable extra-financial indicators.  

This is impact!

We, at XAnge, feel that technology is a powerful force to trigger change efficiently, and to remodel social and environmental schemes in a sustainable way. As an active shareholder, we support entrepreneurs in designing their impact roadmap and define and monitor KPI’s customed to their business.

The Sustainable Development Goal’s gave us a unified framework gathering different goals and a measurement methodology to achieve real Impact:

As one of France’s pioneers in Impact Venture Capital, we have identified major areas amongst the UN Sustainable Development Goals, where startups can make a significant impact.

France Invest has also defined Impact investment around those criterias :

  • Intentionality
  • Additionality
  • Measurability

This framework can be applied to a wide list of verticals, from health to proptech, data, edtech or agritech. 

Those tools are used by the leading players of the Impact Investment field to develop proprietary frameworks. As an example we have developed a proprietary methodology on the Mutuelles Impact Fund, and we will continue to upgrade it in the coming years.

Same ambitions, double commitment. 

Investments in impact companies targets market returns comparable to the returns of conventional investments. This is the essence of “Impact Investing”: supporting projects offering a double return on investment, both financial and societal, without sacrificing one for the benefit of the other. 

Network is also a key factor to succeed in both ; we want to gather over the years a diverse group of experts, seasoned entrepreneurs and investors, sharing our vision and determined to add value for the impact community through mentoring and advice. 

By gathering our knowledge and experiences, and, of course, by investing with our funds, we want to be sure that the next entrepreneurial generation can find the best of breed toolcase to generate huge success stories and massive impact.


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