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Guilhem de Vregille, Partner

Why you should know Georges Gomes, DivRiots’ founder

Today, we are more than happy to welcome a new company in our portfolio: <Div>Riots, which is raising 2.7 million euros from us and some prestigious business angels. BPI Innovation is also participating, with a 1M€ non-dilutive investment. But more than a company, we are welcoming an amazing team led by Georges Gomes, a successful tech entrepreneur.

Do you remember Ullink?

Even more impressive, Georges was hired by Laurent Useldinger when he was only 21 years old. He was then offered to be Ullink’s co-founder, even if he had no distinctive diploma. With him as a CTO, his company grew from 2 to 1000 employees, half of whom were product members, composed of ~25 scrum teams around the world. After spending 3 years in the US, Georges is back in Europe with a new idea!

Now, welcome <Div>Riots!

Backlight is a turnkey SaaS that enables front-end teams to easily build and deploy their Design Systems — from code to reference site — a true complementary solution to design tools like Figma or Sketch. Backlight supports any frameworks and makes it easy to collaborate in real time between developers and designers. There is no faster way to create a Design System on the development side.

Of course, Georges won’t be alone. He brought with him some of the best employees he met at Ullink: François Valdy, <Div>Riots’ CTO and Grégory Quinio, who was a product manager at Ullink and is now <Div>Riots’ COO.

With such a seasoned team, we’re pretty sure that the company will successfully attract top talents to enrich the products and boost sales!

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