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200M$ for 360Learning to go (even more) all-in in the US

In 2018, when XAnge first invested in 360Learning, we were seduced by its founders’ ambition to conquer the US market. The startup also had - and still has - a unique value proposal in the online learning market. Two years later, it’s almost “mission accomplie” and today, we are proud to take part in 360Learning’s 200M$ Series C, alongside US-based VCs Sumeru and Silver Lake, as well as Softbank Vision Fund 2.

Worldwide, e-learning is a disputed and challenging market. To take a share of this booming market, 360Learning developed a unique value proposition around corporate learning and knowledge sharing, with a platform enabling companies to share their internal expertise quickly and easily all across their organisations.

A platform, not a content factory

360Learning’s tools help businesses manage training projects from A to Z in one place, while actively involving employees in the learning journey. If there’s only one idea to keep in mind, it’s the fact that 360Learning is a platform, not a content factory, contrary to most of its competitors in the market. It also has strong collaborative functionalities, which makes it truly unique.


In just a few years, Nicolas Hernandez (the CEO and founder) and its team managed to convince thousands of clients of all sizes and industries (from LVMH and Toyota to Lego, Haribo or Michelin, to name a few) to adopt its easy-to-use platform.


Obviously, the pandemic accelerated the need for such a tool: more than ever, companies have had to switch training programs online, while quickly teaching their employees about new products and processes. Nonetheless, the current situation is only a small reason behind 360Learning’s rapid growth and success.

Going all-in on the US market

Like many other investments at XAnge who have mastered their US expansion, such as  Dynadmic – another portfolio company, which got acquired recently – 360Learning’s team mastered its US expansion. Being backed today by three prestigious US-focused VC funds such as Sumeru, Silver Lake and Softbank is a confirmation of this achievement.

We know that Nicolas Hernandez will have a lot to share with the founding teams of our portfolio companies looking to follow suit by extending their operations on the other side of the Atlantic! We’ll tell you more soon about what we are building to accelerate knowledge sharing between the portfolio startups we are working with;)

We already know one of the key learnings of 360Learning’s North-American conquest. It’s relatively simple: to succeed in the US, you have to go all-in. That doesn’t mean you have to hide your origins and initial culture, but you have to do everything you can to be locally relevant, fully adapted to the local culture.

The new round of funding will give 360Learning even more capabilities to invest in the US, by extending their footprint on the market, increasing local sales and product teams. Congrats to the whole team, in Paris, London and in the States: we are now looking forward to your next achievements!

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