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MBE and PrestaShop join forces to become a leading global commerce platform

14 years after its inception by a young and gifted Developer and 7 years after XAnge’s investment, Prestashop announced its acquisition by MBE Worldwide S.p.A. During this period of time, hundreds of thousands of  businesses of all sizes worldwide started their digitization and scaled their business thanks to Prestashop’s eCommerce-in-a-box tools. Well done to all!

Within 14 years, the e-commerce landscape has changed a lot, but Prestashop has always managed to stay relevant and remained committed to its vision: become the reference commerce platform for the growth of businesses around the world. Leveraging the strengths of the open-source model, Prestashop quickly gathered a global community around its products and built a strong ecosystem.


Lowering the barriers to enter the e-commerce space


By gathering all the necessary bricks to build an ecommerce website on the same platform, Prestashop contributed to lowering the barriers to entry for online retail, by facilitating the life of newcomers in the e-commerce space. For many, it has been a game changer, which enables them to do the first step of their digital transition. Thanks to Prestashop, hundreds of thousands of small retailers, corner stores, mom-and-pop shops, independent businesses, artists and craftsmen, in more than 40 countries, found new outlets to sell their products both locally or globally.


Thanks to PrestaShop Essentials, its suite of modules that offers secure payment solutions worldwide, performance analysis and web marketing, and PrestaShop Platform, its hosting offer, PrestaShop allows companies to easily deploy their business on a larger scale.

That’s how, over the years, bigger retailers, like Carrefour or Decathlon, convinced by the agility and versatility of Prestashop’s solution, decided to use it to launch some of their online e-commerce services and scale their business. The simplicity and accessibility of the platform proved to be especially relevant during the Covid19 crisis, when physical store owners had to create an online offering literally overnight.


More than ever, Prestashop will be focused on the digitization of SMBs


Prestashop will now be part of the MBE Worldwide S.p.A. group, a family-owned Italian company based in Milan behind the world’s largest networks of Service Centers offering shipping, logistics, printing, marketing and design to business and private customers. This acquisition is an acknowledgment of Prestashop’s relevance and expertise in the SMBs market. It will also open the way to the creation of new services to better serve these clients with a seamless experience, while creating new growth opportunities, especially in the US market, where MBE Worldwide S.p.A. has a strong brick-and-mortar footprint under the “Mail Boxes Etc.” brand.


Well done Bruno Levêque, Alexandre Eruimy and the whole Prestashop team, for your vision, perseverance, determination and impact on the digitization of SMBs over the years !

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