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Guilhem de Vregille & Nadja Bresous

Wandercraft : you haven’t seen anything yet

Today we celebrate Wandercraft's Serie C, which we invested in back in 2017. Beyond the tremendous technological success, and the huge impact this team will have on people with disabilities, this is another approval of XAnge's strategy in deep tech: fund ambitious teams - very early on - and support them in their subsequent rounds of funding.

After Treefrog, which we funded in seed and which has raised €64M a few months ago, Wandercraft has been proving since 2017 its ability to deliver on a market where everything has yet to be built. It’s no coincidence that Quadrant Management is joining the adventure with the ambition to facilitate the arrival of Wandercraft on the US market.

Robotics are reshaping the world with automation and AI: smart field equipment for agriculture, cooking robots, autonomous cars, robotic micro-surgeries. Although the first humanoid robots were only sci-fi until the 2000’s, we now see the first really advanced prototypes appear as researchers in this field are breaking the technological challenges of reproducing the human brain and behavior.

One of the most famous examples must be Atlas, Boston Dynamic’s humanoid robot which has recently shown its parkour performances. Yet, we found a better opportunity – and with more impact! – in the technology of Wandercraft, a company founded in 2012 in Paris which has developed the first exoskeleton to walk self-balanced, for inpatient rehab and outpatient daily life. The team, managed by Matthieu Masselin, produced 20 units of their first humanoid robot, Atalante, and is already working on a new prototype, Eve.

Want to play mini-golf in your exoskeleton?

Wandecraft’s biggest challenge will be to democratize its exoskeleton. That means, making it less expensive and  lighter (to be used outside the hospital and to play mini-golf) and to offer services beyond the product itself. On this last point, Wandecraft will soon open a walking center in Paris to help and accompany people with spinal cord injuries.

Some have the right to talk about impact: Wandercraft is part of it.

We are extremely enthusiastic with this vision carried by the team. Making available a product that is today for the richest hospitals, making it available in rehabilitation centers, so that more people can enjoy its benefits fits perfectly with our investment thesis which consists in supporting techno-mogical projects that benefit the largest number of people. 

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