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Alban Oudin, Principal

Yes, stories are the next format on the web

While the attention of most tech investors is currently focused on Web3, blockchain and metaverse, we are convinced there is still room for innovation in the traditional web. One of those short-term evolutions of the traditional internet is the democratization of stories, a format popularized by Snap, Instagram and TikTok, which is becoming ubiquitous, in apps, mobile websites and even on desktop. That’s why we are investing in JOIN, a promising French startup…

JOIN is raising 4,5 million euros, and XAnge is proud to lead this round, alongside prestigious and seasoned business angels. The startup value proposition is simple: it provides a CMS to create, manage and deploy stories on websites.

Why stories?

Stories are the most powerful mobile format. Users are now used to producing and watching stories on Snapchat and Instagram since 2013 and 2016, while TikTok even based its entire UX around it. More and more apps integrate the format, and we are starting to see stories on websites, especially for e-commerce. Social first brands are looking for solutions to make their website experience the same as the consumer experience in social. 

That’s why we are convinced that web pages will progressively jump into the stories format in the coming years, as it is a powerful way to showcase creators’ contents, drive engagement or create a brand experience. Stories are a powerful format to create frictionless and intuitive experiences on any webpages. In addition to the UX improvements that web stories provide, it is also a way to be present during after-sales key moments. For example, flashing a QR code to discover a visual and mobile-first installation guide or FAQ thanks to web stories.

Google already integrates stories in its search results. In the US, India and Brazil Stories are also present in Google’s search app (Discover) with a dedicated carousel. It could happen in Europe very soon!


Stories built with JOIN are built on the AMP format, a format powered by Google: it will be a key advantage when Google starts referencing stories globally. JOIN is already referenced by Google as one of the best tools in the market. But that’s not all. Jonathan Szwarc worked at Nike before creating JOIN with Nicolas Goudemant. Together, they have been bootstrapping an agency for 4 years already, they know how to work together and serve their clients. Now, they are ready for take-off!

Join Stories already has a long list of clients, both in France and abroad: L’Oréal, Cdiscount, Puissante, KeepCool or Marmiton, to name a few. With them, the product demonstrated its ability to tackle numerous use cases in e-commerce, media, and corporate communication. For instance, stories created by Join are used to increase conversion rates, monetise a website, run surveys, amplify content from influencers and so on…

Get ready to see stories everywhere on the web!


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