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And that’s 3! Why we keep reinvesting in Synapse Medicine

Since our seed round lead in 2019, we're in a good position to see how Clement, Louis, and the team know how to execute a strong conviction (i.e. the proper use of medication is a health issue), despite the headwinds they (and all of us) may have faced in the last two years.

Like many startups (and companies!) that go into everyday areas (health, food, education, mobility,…), Synapse Medicine must manage a duality: assuming its status as a company that must find its market (and generate revenues) while not losing sight of its mission, which is at the frontier of public interest. Basically, Synapse Medicine is an impact startup but has never really defined itself as such, preferring to focus on its fight against drug iatrogeny. 

These last two years have largely proven Clement and Louis’ ability to manage this duality. And that makes us incredibly proud to have supported them since their inception. And it’s not over yet 😉

COVID-19 ? Not even afraid

Yes, COVID-19 was a test for Synapse Medicine. Healthcare professionals were so busy with the pandemic that finding solutions to manage drug safety was a secondary priority (time is of the essence).

So. They had two options: 

  1. Wait for the situation to pass. 
  2. Move forward and commit to the public interest.

They choose option 2. In concrete terms, Clement has firmly – and publicly – committed to vaccination. 

They have collaborated with the French Society of Pharmacology and Therapeutics (SFPT), the National Network of Regional Pharmacovigilance Centers (CRPVs), and the Pharmacology Department of the Bordeaux University Hospital on the platform to alert the general public on drugs that can worsen COVID-19 symptoms. Since the beginning of the outbreak, it has helped more than 1 million people in France and was awarded the best COVID-19 AI initiative by the French Digital Health Agency (ANS).

They then developed this new platform in collaboration with the French National Agency for Medicines and Health Products Safety (ANSM) and the Regional Pharmacovigilance Centers (CRPVs) that makes it easier for pharmacovigilance teams to manage adverse event reports. This technology was named Medication Shield as it automates pharmacovigilance and acts as a protective layer during the COVID-19 vaccination campaign. The challenge was to be as responsive as possible regarding vaccine pharmacovigilance, so that everyone could be vaccinated under the best possible conditions.

After COVID-19, a boulevard

Synapse Medicine has proven to be a reference in France with its modular approach by deploying technologies adapted to the needs of health institutions (ANSM, ANS), hospitals (AP-HP, Hospices Civils de Lyon, Institut Gustave Roussy, etc.), health tech players (MesDocteurs, Teladoc Health, etc.) and the general public (Matmut, etc.). 

The ambition is now to accelerate the deployment of its Medication Intelligence platform for the proper use of medication in Europe, United States and Japan. We are confident in the team’s capacity to continue to scale internationally. 

Very few startups put general interest at the heart of their ambition. 

Synapse Medicine is one of them. The company’s mission is obvious. To help people with multiple medications (the elderly, chronic diseases, …) live without fear of critical drug side effects.

And behind what Synapse Medicine is setting up (and we won’t say more at this stage), there is this ambition to educate patients (you ! me !) so that they can be actors of their health.

And then, when Synapse Medicine acts on the overdose of a drug, they protect the health of patients, but they also have an impact on the quantity of resources necessary (to produce these drugs).

No, really. We are proud to support you!


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