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Nadja Bresous Mehigan & Cyril Bertrand

Welcome Greenly, a new ClimateTech and Impact champion!

We are happy to announce our first investment in the “Climate Tech” sector: Greenly, a Carbon Management Tech start-up; trusted by 400+ SMEs in France, UK and the US. XAnge is co-leading this €21 million Series-A with Energy Impact Partners. Greenly was launched by Alexis Normand, Matthieu Vegreville and Arnaud Delubac, a team of complementary founders. Alexis, the CEO and Matthieu, the CTO have already worked together in an international and fast-growing environment, at Withings. Together, they are changing the game in Carbon Management Tools for SMEs.

Automatizing data collection for carbon accounting


To achieve this mission, the team relies heavily on tech, while carbon accounting is traditionally a consultancy business.

Thanks to automatic data collection and proprietary algorithms, Greenly allows calculation of Scope 1 (emissions from vehicles, machinery and all sources controlled by the organization), Scope 2 (emissions associated with the production of electricity, heating, or cooling for the company to operate) and Scope 3 (other emissions that occur throughout the value chain, including the company’s purchases of goods and services, the use of its products or business travel) emissions.


In short, with Greenly’s Saas tool and series of API’s companies of all sizes can calculate their emissions automatically and accurately, while saving time (and money).


For more accuracy, the company adopted a customer-specific approach, focusing on several key sectors: Tech & Digital, Food, Media & press and Private Equity.

Helping SMEs achieve carbon targets

But tracking emissions is only the first step. Greenly’s expert tools also provide support to help them achieve carbon reduction targets, by creating tailored climate action plans, engaging key stakeholders, including suppliers and employees. It enables to access carbon contribution credits for residual emissions. Greenly has also become a reference knowledge base providing accessible information on carbon footprint management and carbon markets. 


So far, in only 1 year of opération, they have gained 400+ clients in three markets: France, UK and the US. Indeed, it’s only the beginning : Greenly is preparing to scale globally. Greenly was named fintech of the year in 2020 and belongs to the French Tech Green20. Well done!

A first step for XAnge in the Climate Tech sector

For XAnge, this investment is a demonstration of our ambition in Climate Tech. We believe measurement is a first step for companies to engage in decarbonization. We believe that technology, coupled to behavior change, can bring significant climate impact. 

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