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Nadja Bresous Mehigan, Impact Partner

A €80 million closing for Mutuelles Impact

XAnge is pleased to announce that a new target of 80 million euros has been reached for Mutuelles Impact, a fund sponsored by La Mutualité Française and managed by XAnge, in partnership with Investir &+. A good opportunity to come back on Nadja Bresous Mehigan’s background.

She joined XAnge’s investment team in 2021 in particular to support the development of Mutuelles Impact and further accelerate XAnge’s impact investing activities. A field XAnge has been an early supporter of and has great ambitions for. She brings complementarity to the team with experience in European and international deals, private equity and corporate innovation and a strong focus on impact, people and planet topics.

After graduating from HEC (2004), Nadja Bresous Mehigan obtained a master’s in Environmental Economics, from the LSE while participating in a project with the UN Environment Program. She then joined the M&A team of Engie in 2006, where she led several acquisitions in renewables throughout Europe (wind, solar photovoltaic and biomasse).

From 2009 to 2013, she was involved in the creation, fundraising and deployment of two pioneer impact investing funds: BeCapital (focused on Cleantech in Europe) and Moringa (Agroforestry in tropical areas), working for BeCitizen, Compagnie Benjamin de Rothschild. She was then very much involved in climate change mitigation  investments  in particular in carbon, resource and toxicity footprint management in the food, agri and forestry value chains. She also led several projects with flagship partner Caisse des Dépôts Climat.

She then had the opportunity to join Diana in 2013, a global industrial and innovation group focused on natural ingredients and health bioactives, for which she supervised the M&A teams and actively participated in the exit and post merger process, when Ardian sold Diana to German flavor playor Symrise.

In 2015, she  co founded Caelestys, alongside Olivier Caix, CEO of Diana, an investment holding  focused on venture and more mature businesses in the health and nutrition and personalised medicine space. She notably participated in the take over of  EA Pharma group in 2017, subsequent acquisitions and reset of the commercial omnichannel sales and marketing roadmap. A project led by Motion Equity Partners. She then joined XAnge in  2021.

Nadja has the pleasure to work alongside Andreas Gall on Mutuelles Impact (Kiplin, LifeAZ, Ergosante, Wandercraft, Synapse, Mindday …) and participate to the development of XAnge’s activities in Climate and environmental impact deals.

This year, she led Greenly’s Series A, an investment of the XAnge Digital 4 fund.

“I feel XAnge is the perfect place for me to continue investing in impact driven projects in the health & prevention  and the climate spaces, with a focus on early stage venture. More capital is needed to support people and planet innovation. We are well positioned at XAnge with historical focus on early stage deals and active support to entrepreneurs. We support both technological start-ups as well as projects focused on behaviour change and sustainable consumption patterns. Climate adaptation is also an area we need to be very active in.”

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