First believers
Cyril Bertrand & Arnaud Baraer

This team is everything we admire about Germany

When we first met less than a year ago in Berlin, the team had no office. Now they have 250 employees and raised $50M in very difficult economic times. The team spirit at WorkMotion is everything that we admire about the German startup execution style.

The first time that we met with Carsten, Karim, and Felix we sat in an unremarkable meeting room in a shared office that wasn’t even their own. It was our first meeting ever and very early on Carsten said : “We don’t have an office currently.” But it took less than two hours to convince us that there is something truly special about the founders and the company that they are building.

Just a few weeks later, we co-led WorkMotion’s 24M$ Series A alongside US growth investor Activant Capital. And now – less than a year later – we are doubling down on their Series B alongside lead investor Canaan Partners, GR Capital and Activant.

WorkMotion runs a global platform that enables companies to grow and expand their teams without regard to national borders. And they are really, really good at what they do. Carsten, Karim, and Felix started the company only 3 years ago and are now leading a team of more than 240 people from 56 nationalities that help over 500 customers.

A global talent platform for a world that is working across borders

Their Global Talent OS platform eliminates the complexity of managing global employment and allows organizations to scale quickly, by easily onboarding and managing global talent without the need to invest in additional infrastructure. The company digitizes and simplifies time-consuming onboarding processes such as managing payroll, social benefits and taxes. In sum, it helps companies to onboard talents from all over the world quickly, easily and compliantly.

The platform allows WorkMotion’s customers to more easily generate remote work contracts, calculate country-specific salaries, authorize ‘work-from-anywhere’ requests and many more actions with the click of a button. WorkMotion can also assist its clients to register as a foreign employer abroad, while offering local compliance, payroll, payments and benefits.

But that isn’t all. Their vision goes well beyond what the platform is already capable of: WorkMotion aims at becoming a strategic HR partner to its clients, offering technology, expertise and best practices to help companies achieve their goals to hire and retain staff anywhere in the world.

A founders team with a bold vision that works as a team and runs a hyper-efficient company? We are truly excited about what WorkMotion will grow into over the next ten years and we can’t wait to support them on their rapid growth journey.


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