Arnaud Baraer, Nicolas Rose

A refreshing shift in perspective: Valuecase does for B2B what Web 2.0 did for the internet

When Jan Niklas Wick and Lennart Prange launched Valuecase in 2021 they set out to help B2B companies dramatically improve their sales processes. The company is now only 8 months old, but its vision is so compelling and their speed of execution so promising, that we can’t help but be really excited about investing in it at such an early moment.

The Hamburg-based Saas startup raised €3.5M with contributions from XAnge, Picus Capital, 10xFounders, and prestigious business angels Rubin Ritter (Zalando), Felix Jahn (McMakler and Home24) and Max-Josef Meier (FINN and Stylight).

The team is building a software that brings the collaboration and information sharing between B2B buyers and sellers into a single space. They do for B2B companies what Web 2.0 did for the Internet: Anyone can create custom micro-sites to improve the sales process, as well as client onboarding and customer success. And it only takes seconds.

Through their approach, Valuecase is shifting the attention from the seller – that is still present in most traditional B2B Sales approaches – to a model that focuses on creating a valuable buyer-seller interaction.

Over the last decade, the user experience in B2C has been pushed so far that we are simply used to frictionless checkout and shopping flows that value speed and convenience. But B2B sales have been stuck from an innovation standpoint. Besides, the sales process is becoming increasingly remote and complex, with more stakeholders involved than in the past. The need for such sales lifecycle management tools that improve the overall experience and quality interaction between sellers and buyers is higher than ever. 

Valuecase’s value proposition has already convinced several thriving scale-ups – and no doubt many more will follow. Our portfolio companies Welcome to the Jungle and Workmotion are among its early adopters.

Also decisive in our investment case were Jan Niklas and Lennart’s strong execution skills, a great entrepreneurial mindset and an efficient product-focused approach. Their vision met our vision.

So, what’s next? We are excited about working alongside the fast-growing team around Jan Niklas and Lennart and helping them to grow across Europe.

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