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HR data is a gold mine: it’s time to dig into it with Reflect!

We’re happy to add a new company to our portfolio: Reflect. In this pre-seed round led by XAnge, with the participation of Evolem, Kima Ventures and several business angels (including Roxanne Varza, Matthieu Birach or Thibaud Elziere), the Paris-based startup is raising 2 million euros.

Launched in early 2022 by Léopold Adam and Baptiste Jan, Reflect is a data visualization tool for HR teams, executives and managers. This solution allows companies to gather all the data regarding the workforce  in the same place, clean it and create indicators and dashboards in an automated way. Thus, users have access to streamlined and historical information to support their decision-making.

In sum, Reflect’s HR data visualization solution allows companies to quickly find answers to any questions regarding their workforce, enabling managers to take data-driven decisions.

Centralizing data and providing dashboards

Usually, HR data is fragmented in several softwares and is very difficult to harmonize. Indeed, through the years, companies have added several tools to their HR suite: HRMS for administration, ATS for recruitment, LMS for training, eNPS for employee engagement… but each of these tools have their own data model and there is very little integration between them.

Reflect solves this issue by building connectors to centralize the data and to provide metrics and reports. Once on the platform, users have access to dozens of dashboards (retention, diversity, salaries, recruitment, social indicators…) where indicators are updated automatically and daily.

A game-changer in a challenging HR environment

While HR departments are facing an increasing number of challenges – from turnover, diversity and inclusion, recruitment, absenteeism, salary management and more recent trends like “quiet quitting” or the “great resignation” – such a tool is a game changer. It gives its clients a competitive advantage in a very challenging environment.

By democratizing HR analytics, Reflect has a clear ambition: to become a European leader in this field. We are more than happy to help them achieve this goal.

In our portfolio, Reflect is joining others promising HR Tech startups, such as Welcome To The Jungle (one of Reflect’s early adopters, by the way), Skello, 360Learning and Workmotion. That’s our dream team to change HR for the better and improve the life of the 99%!

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