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LegalPlace: 20M€ to empower even more entrepreneurs!

Today, we are more than happy to welcome the French startup LegalPlace in both XAnge and La Poste Venture portfolios. In total, LegalPlace is raising 20M€ in this new round co-led by XAnge and Eurazeo.

As you had probably guessed, LegalPlace belongs to the legal tech family. Launched in 2017 in Paris by Racem Flazi, Mehdi Ouchallal et Samuel Goldstein, LegalPlace helps entrepreneurs in the creation and day-to-day management of their business by providing a solution that simplifies legal, accounting, tax and social formalities. In sum, it radically changes the entrepreneur’s experience and helps them focus on what really matters to grow their business. 

A huge and growing market 

With 995,000 company creations in France alone in 2021 (17% more than the previous year), Legalplace’s market is huge and growing. The number of business creation is almost 80% higher than its average level over the period 2010 to 2017. 

All of those new companies have a point in common: they all struggle with legal, accounting and administrative stuff. And this takes a lot of time. Time that could be invested in more strategic and value-added issues.    

Becoming a central point of contact

Already, 40,000 entrepreneurs every year start and manage their businesses through LegalPlace. Since its inception in 2017, LegalPlace has focused on the business creation process, and it succeeded in building the best experience for young entrepreneurs in France. 

Now, it’s time to aim bigger: the startup has the ambition to become the central gateway for business creators since inception and through the early years of their entrepreneurial adventure. I love seeing LegalPlace as an accelerator, as a strategic tool that allows entrepreneurs to focus on things that really matter for them. 

Why we got so excited about LegalPlace

First of all, the amazing management team with Racem Flazi, Mehdi Ouchallal et Samuel Goldstein always leading the charge with an amazing execution.

Second, LegalPlace perfectly fit with our investment thesis at XAnge, we are collectively on a mission to make entrepreneurship and tech accessible to everybody.  

And last but not least, thanks to La Poste Ventures investing in the round, we can expect synergies between LegalPlace and La Poste to reach even more entrepreneurs in the country, leveraging on La Poste’s extensive network and BtoB client base.


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