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Our Climate Fellowship program

Technical innovation in the energy, mobility, built environment and other sectors can bring significant leverage in decarbonisation. With the Climate Fellowship Program that we are launching, we intend to contribute to the emergence of a new generation of entrepreneurs in the "Climate Tech" throughout Europe.

Starting today (october 25) and until December 16, we will select fellow entrepreneurs, based across Europe, who will receive an equity investment of €100,000 to create and build their start-up. They will benefit from a support program to help them raise their first round of financing (seed round) within 12 months. XAnge will take a 7% stake in the startup created at the beginning of the program.

Also, we’ll rely on the international network and complementary expertise of its two key partners on this project: Energy Impact Partners and Techstars. The first will bring a complementary angle and business acumen on the climate tech side when the second will bring its start-up acceleration knowledge and a focus on sustainability.

We believe VCs can play a role in structuring the ecosystem.

VCs have a pivotal role to play in allocating equity to planet positive innovation. We have a form of responsibility in making capital available for those entrepreneurs and participating in disruptive sustainable innovation. With the Climate Fellowship program, we intend to accelerate the creation of new start-ups and coach founders to provide them with key success factors to build successful and ambitious businesses.

The ideal candidate…

… is someone with scientific or business background, passionate about new technologies and ready to kick start a start-up with high level of ambition. We are looking for high profiles able to quickly understand the complexity and technical aspects of the carbon cycles in their focus domain  and how to build a tech value proposition with strong,. Ultimately we invest in future leaders in their space.

How does it work?

The call for applications is open from 25th of October to 16th of  December 2022. Coaching of the fellow entrepreneurs will be organised in 3 months sprints will start in January and will last 6 to 12 months depending on the maturity of the projects.. XAnge is bringing equity but also theaccumulated experience in selecting the best entrepreneurs and the best investment topics. XAnge also builds on the valuable expertise of the Startup Success team and the networks of our communities.

This support has three objectives:

  • to help them define the value proposition of their start-up
  • to provide them with visibility and attractivity to source the best co-founders
  • to raise a first round of seed funding at the end of the program

The fellow founders will create a formal company and receive a €100,000 equity SAFE funding for 7% of the capital. They will be supported by XAnge, Energy Impact Partners and Techstars during a year, they will also be actively supported by our ecosystem of experts and entrepreneurs coming from various climate tech backgrounds.

  • Alexis Normand CEO of Greenly
  • Gesa Biermann CEO of Pina.Earth
  • Cyril Colin, CEO of Elum Energy
  • Karen Fortin, Head of Sustainability & Healthcare Startup Development at Microsoft
  • David Brandes, CEO of Planetary
  • Robina Von Stein, Investor at Contrarian VC
  • Michel Hunsicker, Investment Director at EDF Pulse Ventures
  • Peet Denny, Founding Partner at Climate VC
  • Joel Larsson, General Partner at Pale Blue Dot
  • Benjamin Joffe, Partner at SOSV

Candidates will not be selected on the quality of their project (not necessary at this stage) but on their drive  to  tackle issues related to climate change, energy transition and scarcity of resources. They will be selected on their potential to become CEO’s of successful  and global startups.

Link to the website to apply:

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