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Let’s keep building the future of work with Welcome to the Jungle

Once again, XAnge is more than happy to be a part of Welcome to the Jungle’s journey to change the recruitment game, as we are taking part in the company’s third round of funding. This 50 million euros Series C not only sees the return of its historical partners but also the introduction of five new investors (Cipio Partners from Germany, Blisce from France and the US, ADP, Kostogri from France and the UK, and Raise Ventures from France).

For those who are not familiar with the success story of Welcome to the Jungle (or WTTJ in short), this French startup led by co-founder Jeremy Clédat has been a pioneer in the field of employer branding since 2015, providing solutions that make companies more attractive to job candidates and streamlining the recruitment process. It is one of many companies in our portfolio working to shape the future of work, alongside Workmotion, Skello, Reflect or 360Learning.

XAnge has been backing Welcome to the Jungle since 2018


Since our initial investment in 2018, our belief in the value of WTTJ’s mission has only grown stronger. The company’s value proposition is particularly relevant in the current economic climate: despite the economic downturn, companies continue to face challenges in attracting and retaining top talent in a competitive market.


The company’s value proposition is particularly relevant in the current economic climate, as companies are facing more challenges than ever before in attracting and retaining top talent in an increasingly competitive market. These challenges are further complicated by a number of factors, including a shortage of available labor and an evolution in how work is viewed by employees.


Indeed, despite the economic downturn, a shortage of available labor is an increasingly common issue for many companies, as unemployment rates remain low in many countries. In this situation, companies are forced to compete for the same pool of top talent, which drives up costs and increases the difficulty of finding the right candidates.

The pandemic strengthened our thesis


But this is not the only challenge that companies are facing. The COVID-19 pandemic has also accelerated a change in the relationship between employees and employers. People’s expectations and aspirations are evolving, particularly among newer generations, and they expect different relations from the traditional model of work.


Companies will need to adapt quickly to these changing expectations in order to attract and retain top talent. This includes changing the way they present themselves to potential employees, as well as re-evaluating the kind of benefits and perks they offer to attract and retain collaborators.

Next step: America


In particular, this shift is reversing the traditional methods of recruitment, requiring employers to actively promote themselves in order to attract top talent. The employer branding and recruitment solutions that WTTJ offers are becoming more important than ever. Now, WTTJ aims at helping companies to not only stand out among the competition but also adapt to the changing expectations and relationship towards work.


This new funding will help the startup further strengthen its employer branding solutions in France and expand internationally, particularly in the United States. Jeremy Clédat and his team plan to do this by adding new features to their existing offering, tailoring their solutions to the American market while recruiting new talent to support their growth. Good job!

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