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Charles Matausch & Fadwa Ouardani

The AI for Climate Mapping

As the plea for meaningful contributions to fight climate change becomes louder, we see a lot of movement in the climate tech space. 2022 took a dip in overall funding globally, but the space will recover and is expected to hit $1.4 trillion five years from now, representing a healthy compound annual growth rate of 8.8%.

At the same time, 2022 will also be remembered as the year that AI entered the public mind. It took ChatGPT only 5 days to reach one million users, and hundreds of new startups jumped on the bandwagon.

Both fields have dramatic implications for humanity, so for this report, we looked at the most interesting startups in the DACH market. Startups that build interesting products at the intersection of AI and Climate Tech. We identified 55 companies in Energy, Mobility, Carbon Impact, Weather & Environment, Food & Agriculture, Real Estate & Construction, Manufacturing, and Waste Management.

Here are some interesting quick facts:

  1. Almost all Startups focus on businesses. Almost all startups focus on businesses as their core customers. With Klima, only one startup in our list focuses on consumers to drive positive actions on climate change.
  2. It’s an early movement. Using AI and Deep Tech to help fight climate change is still a very early field. 10 companies are in the seed stage, 34 are in the early growth stage, and 11 are in a later growth stage.
  3. Growth takes time. 18 of these companies were founded in the last 48 months, while more than twice as many (37) were founded before January 2021.
  4. Innovation made in Germany. Most companies (47) are based in Germany, with almost half in Berlin (19). 5 companies are based in Switzerland (Jua, Ethon.AI, Amplo, Urbio, Skylab), and 3 in Austria (Enspired,, Prewave).
  5. Female founders are the minority. Most companies are founded by men. Only eight companies have female founders: Ceezer, Klim, Plan A, Orbem, Plantix, Tanso, amplo, and Pina Earth.


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