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Well done Omie & Cie! 15M€ more to lead the regenerative food revolution

XAnge has been a proud investor in Omie & Cie since the start of the project, and today, we are thrilled to co-lead their new 15M€ round, with 2050 and Crédit Agricole. Founders Future, Cookpad and 50 Partners are also coming on board to help Omie & Cie build the food brand of the future, driven by strong values.

Since its launch in 2021, Omie & Cie has been truly paving a new category in the French food market. By focusing on local and regenerative agriculture, Omie & Cie is helping to preserve our soil and earth for future generations. As a certified B Corp from day one, the startup values not just the bottom line but also the well-being of their producers, the environment, and their customers. By investing 1% of their turnover in supporting regenerative agriculture, they want to have a real impact on our planet.

Radical Transparency

Their strong business model, 260 products created from scratch, 260 partnerships with farmers and cooperatives, and €1 million in turnover in less than 18 months is proof that they are already well positioned in this new category. 


But that’s not all. What sets Omie & Cie apart in the food market is their commitment to radical transparency. They are able to trace their supply chains from field to fork, so consumers can see the positive impact they are making with their consumption choices. For instance, with every invoice, Omie provides customers with a breakdown of the costs, detailing how much each part of the supply chain receives.

Aiming at the 99%

Also, with a focus on affordability, Omie & Cie is making it possible for everyone to eat well while respecting nature and the environment. Indeed, Omie has a greater ambition than addressing only the happy few. It aims at serving the 99%, which totally fits in XAnge’s investment thesis. Building a profitable food brand on a niche, upscale, positioning is quite easy. Doing it at scale by addressing the masses is another business: that’s the kind of challenges that VCs love.


In addition to Omie’s app, products can already be bought at a large number of distributors where the regenerative economy is gaining ground (Decathlon, Mon-marche Grand Frais, Pour Le Climat, etc.). And with Thierry Marx as a partner, they are demonstrating that taste and affordability can go hand in hand with a commitment to sustainability.

A team ready for the hyper-growth phase

We’ve already written about Christian Jorge’s unique entrepreneurial spirit, and he keeps over-delivering – starting with this stellar fundraising success in the midst of an adverse context. He also has gathered around him a great team of co-founders, with Coline Burland, coming from Franprix, Benoit Del Basso, the former technical director of MyLittleParis and Joséphine Bournonville, co-founder of Printemps Ecologique, the first eco-syndicate.


Together, they have demonstrated their ability to go from zero to one while staying true to their values. With their combined experience, they are also well placed to manage the company in a phase of hyper-growth, which is not so common for founders.

Omie & Cie has already convinced 10,000 customers, compared to 2,500 a year ago. Now, the goal is 100x, which the team in place will manage with flying colors. This fundraising will allow the brand to continue its growth and become a household name. 30 people will be hired by the end of 2024 and the range of products will be doubled. This is only the beginning of the regenerative revolution.

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