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Valerie Bures, Partner and Head of DACH

Becoming a VC with XAnge: My journey from entrepreneurship to empowering founders

After two decades of being an entrepreneur, leading multiple successful companies, I've experienced the rollercoaster that comes with building something from scratch. From the highs of success to the lows of doubt and fear, I've come to appreciate the crucial role of having strong support along the way. I learned that my role models and mentors such as Mark Mastrov, Founder of 24h fitness, as well investors such as David Kuczek, HV Capital and others shaped my path, and it's partly thanks to their guidance that I'm now taking the leap into the world of venture capital.   Today, I'm driven by the idea of using my strengths as a former entrepreneur to support and empower other founders. And joining forces with XAnge feels like the perfect match.

Here’s why:


XAnge boasts exceptional leaders – Throughout my career, I’ve always prioritized working with remarkable individuals, and my encounter with Cyril, Guillaume, and Nicolas was truly eye-opening. These three Managing Partners possess both ambition and compassion, making them the kind of leaders I want to work with. As a woman, I value the importance of maintaining a balanced life encompassing business, family, friends, and personal growth.

XAnge has ambitious plans – This isn’t just any venture capital firm. XAnge’s goal is to become one of Europe’s leading VC funds. Already established as a top fund in France and achieving remarkable successes in the DACH region (Mister Spex, Workmotion, IPtego, …), there’s so much more we can accomplish as a cohesive team. By highlighting our strength in supporting founders and embracing innovation through data and AI, we can truly make a difference. As a former entrepreneur who thrives on building and growth, this challenge excites me.

XAnge possesses a powerful asset – Their startup success team is unparalleled in providing exceptional support to our founders. With their availability, responsiveness, and ability to connect founders with top experts in crucial areas like funding, expansion, team scaling, and sustainable growth, we ensure that our entrepreneurs have the resources they need to thrive.


And last but not least,

XAnge is disrupting the VC landscape – We’re on the brink of launching an innovative project aimed at automating key segments of the investment cycle. By developing advanced agents capable of supporting our team in sourcing, screening, and analysis, we’re revolutionizing the way VC is done. I’m thrilled to spearhead this project and drive it forward.


That’s why I’m incredibly excited to embark on this adventure with XAnge.


In times of crisis, bold founders shine – I meet dozens of startups every week, and there’s no better time to back these visionary individuals. History has shown us that some of the largest companies emerge during downturns. So let’s not be discouraged, but rather seize this opportunity to support and invest in the next generation of game-changers.

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