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Welcome Elba, the all-in-one cybersecurity tool for SMBs

Today, we are happy to announce a new addition to our portfolio: Elba! For its seed round, this cybersecurity startup is raising 2,5M€ in a round led by XAnge, with participation from eFounders, Kima Venture, Plug and Play, Uncorrelated (Salil Deshpande) and Angel Invest (Jens Lapinski). Leading security experts such as Netflix’s former CISO Jason Chan, Sqreen’s CTO JB Aviat and GitGuardian's CTO Eric Fourrier are also investing.

Since 2021, Elba has been building a solid cybersecurity platform designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) as well as scaleups and mid-sized companies. With its user-focused approach and all-in-one tool, Elba empowers IT teams to secure their organizations from cyber threats, thanks to a plug-and-play solution adapted to their tech and data stack.

More concretely, Elba seamlessly integrates with clients’ SaaS ecosystems, identifies security issues, and alerts their teams to address them with a single click.

One tool, four products

Right from the start, Elba is tackling no less than four products (Onboarding & Trainings, Phishing Simulation, Data Loss Prevention and Third Party Apps Monitoring), aiming at being the one-stop-shop for SMBs regarding cybersecurity.

The platform already addresses a wide array of potential risks, such as an HR employee unknowingly sharing a Notion document containing employees’ personal information; a marketing staff member employing a non-compliant app connected to their Google account for automated prospecting; or a salesperson accessing the company CRM without multi-factor authentication.

We are convinced that Elba’s approach of placing employees at the center of security measures is the right move. This user-focused security method has been pioneered by Netflix security teams, proving its success in the real world.


100+ clients already!

Another key element that led us to invest in Elba is the expertise and vision of its founding team – Théo Rouer, Grégoire Ostian, and Antoine Berton. With the support of startup studio eFounders, these seasoned entrepreneurs have already demonstrated their ability to execute flawlessly in a fast-paced environment, building a solution that has already attracted over 100 customers from all kinds of industries and solved an impressive 150,000 security issues. They have also successfully attracted top talents from renowned scaleups and unicorns, establishing a great team in close relation with their clients to better understand their needs and serve them perfectly.

Before Elba, Théo Rouer (CEO) and Grégoire Ostian (COO), had previously established “Cyber Transition”, a service company selling products to non-tech companies in France. However, they quickly realized how ill-equipped the SMBs & mid-sized companies were. They were later joined by Antoine Berton (CTO) to build Elba.

For XAnge, this new investment is another step in helping build a strong European cybersecurity ecosystem, following our investments in Dattak (also targeting SMBs with its cyber-insurance offers) and Saporo. If you’re a founder with an innovative approach to tackle cyber-risks, let’s talk!

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