We are a multicultural and diverse team of investors and operators with more than 20 years of experience. We are impact-driven and tech-enthusiasts by conviction.

We do not only talk tech and science, we have a passion for positive innovations. Continuous learning is part of our DNA and we thrive in amplifying the voices of change.

Entrepreneurs are our daily source of inspiration. We provide them with operational support to help them succeed and propel their business to reach a global scale.
Sofia is French-Moroccan. She is a Senior Associate in the team. Prior to joining XAnge, Sofia worked in M&A for Tech, Media, and Telecom deals and ventured into the startup world with a fintech. Passionate about fintech and health tech, Sofia has a natural inclination for impact-driven businesses. Outside of work, you can find her whipping up culinary delights, riding waves, or listening to afrobeats or soul music.
Senior Associate
Valerie is a computer scientist by education and has been a successful entrepreneur in Germany. She is a venture partner at the early stage venture capital company “Exceptional Ventures” and a Partner and Head of DACH for “XAnge”. As a mother, author and speaker at various conferences and podcasts, she finds her personal balance above all in nature and adventure sports.
Partner and head of DACH
Stefan is our Senior Associate based in our Berlin office. He focuses on ClimateTech. With his entrepreneurial experience in launching two companies, he possesses a deep understanding of the challenges and perspectives of founders. When not driving climate innovation, he enjoys globe-trotting and competing in triathlons.
Senior Associate
David is French-American and joined XAnge in 2022. As part of the Startup Success Team he leverages his international perspective and experience in developing partnerships to provide tailored support to founders. David is passionate about the intersection of art and technology and is obsessive about classical music.
Startup Success Manager
Astrid is an Associate. She opened the office in Berlin and is dedicated to scout early-stage German startups to strenghten XAnge in DACH. Her leitmotiv at work as in her daily life is curiosity. Eager to experiment things and identify new trends, she is always out testing new exhibitions and restaurants. She is also a big classic literature reader.
Antoine is in charge of the LPs account management and corporate business development. He is focused on both providing the best experience to our investors and building lasting relationship with new ones. Outside of work, Antoine loves doing sports (running, tennis and football), music (playing guitar) and travelling.
Investor Relations Manager
Myriam is part of XAnge's BMO Team. She's in charge of the administrative and accountable follow up of XAnge funds. During her free time she enjoys praticing sports and others activities with her family.
Ait Chout
BMO Officer
Nadja is French-Irish. She joined XAnge in 2021 as a Partner focused on Impact Investing. She is dedicated to supporting innovation contributing to a better future, with a strong focus on Health, Food and environmental issues. Nadja shares her free time between the city and the country side where she loves to grow things.
Bresous Mehigan
Partner Impact
Lydia is a Senior Associate at XAnge, passionately dedicated to social and environmental impact, and mentoring early-stage startups. She is also dedicated to supporting women in tech. Her energy extends beyond the office, evident in her love for travel and outdoor sports, where she embraces nature's challenges with humor and enthusiasm.
Senior Associate
Andreas is a Partner focused on Impact investing. He’s the one who implemented the impact vision at XAnge. What makes him jump out of bed in the morning? First, his two dogs! Then, his passion for positive change. Andreas has been a football trainer since he was 14 years old.
Partner Impact
Pauline is leading our Startup Success platform. She is always ready to tackle any operational matter for our startups. She's always thinking of solutions before problems. When she’s not at work, you can find her warming up her vocal cords, standing on a monocycle or building no-code apps.
Director of Operations
Nuria is Spanish and has an international background in various corporate communication teams within the European startup ecosystem. She is naturally curious and enjoys creative work. Outside the office she finds joy in travelling, pottery and look for the best vintage posters.
Brand & Communications Lead
Lionel is a seasoned Private Equity professional with investment experience in Tech companies and Tech funds. Lionel holds a MS degree in Aeronautics and an MBA from INSEAD. Elected for a second term as a town counselor in 2020, Lionel enjoys cycling during his spare times.
Partner & Investor Relations
Managing Partner
Alexis is a Partner. Specialized in the Care & Deeptech areas, he is passionate about subjects around Healthcare, Resource Control and B2B SaaS. At XAnge, he's the one leading our different ESG's actions. Alexis is also our Chief Happiness Officer, always ready to organize drinks with the team. He loves food, music cinema and playing football.
du Peloux
Jerome is part of XAnge's Back & Middle Office team. His main role is to participate in the follow-up of the different XAnge funds and builds reports on performance. Outside of work, he enjoys praticing sports with his family and friends.
BMO Officer
Anne Elisabeth is the client servicing assistant. She assists the BMO team and the Head of Retail investors. AE likes Feng Shui and Buddha quotes. Here is one of her favourites : "An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea".
BMO Officer
Bernhard started XAnge’s activities in Germany and the DACH region and also manages the German operations. Besides a passion for digital businesses, technology, and growth, he enjoys reading, listening to guitar-heavy music, and sports. Occasionally he stretches his limited photographic skills by copying Henri Cartier-Bresson with an old-fashioned camera.
Managing Partner
Agathe is the Head of Back and Middle Office. Teaming up with the other BMO officers, she manages all the admin part of the different XAnge Funds and their portfolios. When she’s not at work, you can find Agathe reading Comic Books or painting.
BMO Director
Guillaume is a Managing Partner, animating the Care vertical. He’s also in charge of the operation of the management company (HR, finance, Tech stack …) and makes sure our organization matches the best organization we could find in a startup. He’s a great reader of franco-belgian comics and listener of indy rock.
Managing Partner
Nicolas, a Franco-US national, invests in startups involved in Enterprise software, SaaS, Data-driven, Dev tools or AI-enabled. Nicolas holds a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Michigan and an MBA from École des Ponts Business School. Have grown up in 2 countries, he enjoys meeting entrepreneurs with an international mindset.
Managing Partner
Elisa is a Principal in the team. On top of her to do list, there is finding the next big thing in the innovation space. Among others, her favourite playgrounds are Energy Transition and Logistics. In her free time, she loves riding waves around the world and she is always in for a good pizza
Guilhem is a Partner at XAnge. Specialized in the Data & Deeptech areas, he is passionate about subjects around data tooling, newspace, bioengineering, quantum computing, medical algorithm… You can also meet him on a mountaineering race with an ice ax in his hand, ski touring or climbing !
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