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We are your first money, your original support, your early believer. If you are reshaping the future with inclusive technology, XAnge gives you the best shot at success, beyond European borders. XAnge is BCorp certified. 

We Bring Tech to the 99%


Because the data tsunami and deeptech breakthroughs will make the world a better place.


We care about our health therefore we care about our work and home environment, our cities and our planet.


Brands are built around promises. The digital brands we back thrive in keeping these promises.


Our Planet, our Lifes. We are excited to support entrepreneurs delivering social and environmental impact.

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Skello was created in 2016 with a simple but ambitious mission : to make life easier for all physical retailers by revamping the way they work with their teams. All of this through to an intelligent planning and staff management tool.
With Lydia’s 100% mobile and digital current account, you can send money instantly to a relative using their phone number. The company now has more than 4 million users.
AB Tasty is the platform for customer experience optimization, with features like experimentation, personalization, and product optimization to streamline users along the buyer journey.
Believe is a world leading digital music company, helping artists and labels to build their audiences and careers, at all stages of their development, in their local markets, with expertise, respect, fairness and transparency.
Treefrog is a stem cell company that will enable millions of patients to access the medical revolution of cell therapies by overcoming current critical manufacturing issues.
Ledger is a leader in security and infrastructure solutions for cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications.
Cajoo makes it easier to order groceries from your phone and receive them 15 minutes later.The startup wants to differentiate itself with a full-stack approach and operates its own micro-fulfillment centers.
Welcome to the Jungle is building the new experience at work to help everyone find and get what they need from it! They curate job opportunities so people can find more sustainable career paths.
Mister Spex is a fast-growing international omnichannel company and the most innovative employer in the optical industry. Mister Spex has been growing from a pure online player into a successful omnichannel optician.


How much do you typically invest?

We typically invest between 1 million € to 10 million € at the first check. We re-invest all along the way and take a 10-year investment horizon.

What do you put in place to help portfolio companies grow ?

Our Startup Success team designs programs to support entrepreneurs at every phase of their way and on any operational issue they can face : team management, business development, key recruitments, international expansion…   They negociate different deals and special discounts so founders can concentrate on growing their business.    Finally, they nurture the XAnge Community, allowing every entrepreneur to benefit from the experience of others and connecting them to a strong corporates and experts network.

Are you a lead investor ?

XAnge leads or co-leads all its new investments. We happily co-invest with the most prominent European and US investors since 20 years.

Do you always take a board seat in portfolio companies ?

Yes, and we strive to be contributive board members. We help young companies shape their board and board practices to prepare future rounds of funding.

We help boards focus on board-level matters and not drift to operational details. We understand the best entrepreneurs built outsize successes precisely because they don’t run their business as anyone else, so we rarely give advice unless you explicitly ask for our opinion.   Running good, professional boards is vital But equally vital is what happens between boards. We are available during week ends!

Our team

We are a multicultural and diverse team of investors and operators with more than 20 years of experience. We are impact-driven and tech-enthusiasts by conviction. We do not only talk tech and science, we have a passion for positive innovations. Continuous learning is part of our DNA and we thrive in amplifying the voices of change. Entrepreneurs are our daily source of inspiration. We provide them with operational support to help them succeed and propel their business to reach a global scale. XAnge is BCorp certified. 
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