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We regularly answer the same questions for entrepreneurs. Here, we’ll call out the most common questions to help you get a better understanding of what we precisely do.
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How do you support your startups in their key recruitments?

We can support our startups in their key recruitment processes. Our Startup Success Team has designed : A Roles Tool Box gathering jobs descriptions, scorecards examples, cases studies, head hunter lists for key roles. A Talent Database gathering high-standard profiles of C-levels, VP and Head-of, sourced by the XAnge Startup Success team. A sourcing and interview service for C-Levels candidates provided by the XAnge Startup Success Team & Investors. Special deals on HR tools to attract and assess candidates. We have 2 separate talent databases :
  • Actively seeking candidates : they send us their résumé and we qualify them (approx 40 candidates / month)
  • Headhunted candidates : coming from the extended ecosystem (4000+ candidates)

Do you have a Perks Book / Partnership Program ?

Yes :
  • We operate as a global purchasing agency to negotiate special deals with key providers (HR, Marketing, IT, …)
  • We focus on scalable offers (tools rather than consulting / services)
  • We focus on deals that are making a real difference : the ones that save the company at least 5K€
  • We focus on qualitative providers, the ones who have an established and well-known track-record

How do you promote the sharing of best practices within the XAnge portfolio?

We promote the sharing of best practices through:  

1.Regular peer-to-peer talks for Operational Managers

2.Ask me Anything sessions with experts from our companies' Operational Teams

3. Networking & direct matchmaking on specific topics.

Do you always take a board seat in portfolio companies ?

Yes, and we strive to be contributive board members. We help young companies shape their board and board practices to prepare future rounds of funding.

We help boards focus on board-level matters and not drift to operational details. We understand the best entrepreneurs built outsize successes precisely because they don’t run their business as anyone else, so we rarely give advice unless you explicitly ask for our opinion.   Running good, professional boards is vital But equally vital is what happens between boards. We are available during week ends!

Are you a lead investor ?

XAnge leads or co-leads all its new investments. We happily co-invest with the most prominent European and US investors since 20 years.

What do you put in place to help portfolio companies grow ?

Our Startup Success team designs programs to support entrepreneurs at every phase of their way and on any operational issue they can face : team management, business development, key recruitments, international expansion…   They negociate different deals and special discounts so founders can concentrate on growing their business.    Finally, they nurture the XAnge Community, allowing every entrepreneur to benefit from the experience of others and connecting them to a strong corporates and experts network.

How much do you typically invest?

We typically invest between 1 million € to 10 million € at the first check. We re-invest all along the way and take a 10-year investment horizon.
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