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Pre-Seed & Seed : Financing has frozen, which deals made it through ?

In Q1 2023, pre-seed and seed investments declined, but Vid...

“It is thanks to Front’s success that I will be able to continue helping other entrepreneurs.”

What’s hot and not in Web3 – March 2023

Ecomobility: +200 startups positioned on a growing market

Laws, regulations, the shifting consumer behavior and the p...

La Poste Ventures invests in Smart Tribune to help build a leader in customer care

The State of Data in 2023: Health Tech Industry

What’s hot and not in Web3 – February 2023

NFTs, GameFi, Zero-knowledge – the narratives in web3 are c...

Well done Omie & Cie! 15M€ more to lead the regenerative food revolution

Let’s keep building the future of work with Welcome to the Jungle

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