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Dogami: why we’re doubling down

Back in January, we invested in Dogami, the first Web3 game for NFT pet companions. Today, we are leading their $7M seed extension, with participation from the French public investment bank Bpifrance, Singapore-based Blockchain Founders Fund, Wagram Capital, and other family offices. This is another proof that, despite the harsh “winter”, we are more than ever committed to be a long-term investor in this field, by supporting the best projects.

In January 2022, Dogami raised the initial $6M from industry leaders such as Ubisoft, Animoca Brands, The Sandbox co-founders, Draper Goren Holm, Tezos, GSR and many more strategic investors. Now, the startup is announcing a $7M seed extension, which means that they secured $14M total funding to develop the first Web3 mobile game for mainstream audiences.

Here is why we believe this Web3 startup is part of the best projects in this space.

A strong community of 200 000 dog lovers

In less than a year, the team has already achieved a lot in this emerging  and competitive market. The initial investment has enabled Dogami to sell 12,000 NFTs of dog avatars and 12,000 NFTs of canine accessories, in cooperation with the international brand Gap. More importantly, Dogami has built one of the most dedicated Web3 communities with over 200,000 dog lovers. The game now attracts community members – “Dogamers” – from 80+ countries who are diverse in gender and on average 30 years old.

The team of 40 employees recently launched their first mobile application, “DOGA House”, which is exclusively available to owners of a Dogamí NFT. DOGA House has had a very promising start: two weeks after its launch, 70% of users who have access to the app play each day. Dogamers use the app to discover and interact with their NFT puppies. Available for both iOS and Android, the app allows users to play, feed, pet, and walk their dogs in the Dogami universe, and rewards them with the $DOGA cryptocurrency in return.

New features (and revenue streams) coming soon…

The $DOGA cryptocurrency can be used to buy or resell NFT avatars, and accessories, as well as to participate in events within the Dogami universe. In the future, $DOGA owners may also use it in exchange for physical clothes, accessories, or tickets to live and virtual events.

Dogami expects its community members to breed up to 100,000 unique Dogamí NFTs by the end of 2023, as new breeds will be released soon, as well as an innovative breeding feature, allowing Dogamí owners to breed new virtual companions. In the coming months, Dogami also plans to introduce new features and improvements, including personalization of Dogamí avatars with branded accessories, development of the game environment, new animations and interactions, augmented reality, mini-games, and competitions between Dogamers.

A Web3 game at the level of Web2 standards

In parallel, the team is also working on a new mobile game, set to launch in 2023, that will allow Dogamers to experience entertaining adventures with their virtual companions.

With its strong community, innovative features, and a clear roadmap, we believe Dogami is among the best Web3 projects at the moment. But what makes Dogami unique (and future-proof) is its ability to onboard users easily: no need to be an early-adopter of Web3 to set up an account and play. We believe that Web3 gaming is now entering a new era in which the experience should meet Web2 gaming standards, and Dogami seems to be very well positioned to do so.

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