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Epoca Health, a new investment from Mutuelles Impact

Epoca Health, which combines the best of technology and human care, is now part of the portfolio of Mutuelles Impact, the fund managed by XAnge with Investir&+ on behalf of la Mutualité Française. Let’s see how this innovative healthcare solution aims at improving the lives of millions of elderly individuals in France…   Epoca Health has successfully secured €10 million in funding, from Mutuelles Impact, Ring Capital, Orange Ventures, the Astorg Foundation and Investir&+. These investors join Makesense and Elzeard, the two longstanding supporters participating in this latest funding round.

Two years of experimentation

That’s not the only big news: after 2 years of experimentation with the Agence Régionale de Santé (ARS) d’Île-de-France, the startup is now looking to expand its service throughout France. To do so, Epoca Health can draw on their impressive results: 80% fewer hospital admissions, 90% fewer days in hospital, 80% fewer emergency room visits and, above all, over 97% patient satisfaction.

These results are the fruit of the hard work of our 25 employees, including 15 healthcare professionals, who provide long-term medical and medico-social care.

A unique approach

Epoca Health is more than just a healthcare platform. It’s a solution that relies on two core competencies, blended into a “human and technological” approach:

  • Digital medical telemonitoring, thanks to a digital platform that connects to medical and home automation devices that analyze and create alerts;
  • Care management, with a team of medical and paramedical care managers available 24/7 to analyze data, coordinate medical, social and medico-social professionals in the home, and draw up and monitor a personalized care plan for the patient.

The founders, Elise Cabanes, a geriatric physician, and Mariana Fernandez, an anesthetist nurse, drew inspiration from their firsthand experiences within our complex healthcare system. This motivated them to develop a solution addressing the increasing demand for high-quality care for our elderly citizens.

A long-term mission

As our population ages and the prevalence of chronic diseases continues to rise, there’s an increased demand for unscheduled medical care, leading to overcrowded emergency rooms. Epoca aims to anticipate these crises and avoid unnecessary hospitalizations through its innovative approach, while providing seamless care for aging individuals, particularly those with chronic illnesses. 

The startup’s impact is multifaceted:

  • For patients at home, Epoca Health alleviates the burden on patients and their caregivers through 24/7 medical monitoring.
  • For hospitalized patients, Epoca Health enables faster discharges and remote monitoring by a medical team upon returning home.
  • For patients in nursing homes, Epoca Health fills the void in continuous medical monitoring due to challenges in recruiting doctors and eliminates the need for frequent emergency room visits.
  • For residents in senior and independent living communities, Epoca Health offers invaluable medical follow-up to prevent hospitalization or transfers to EHPAD facilities.

Building synergies

This investment will empower us to forge synergies with other companies within Mutuelles Impact’s portfolio, such as Wincare, Destia, or Colette, as well as with the members of la Mutualité Française and their respective ecosystems. 

Notably, Epoca Health’s services can be extended to patients in healthcare establishments operated by mutual insurers. We eagerly anticipate building these fruitful partnerships!

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