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Hyper growing companies need best-in-class solutions. As part of our founders support, we operate as a global purchasing agency to negotiate and close special deals with key providers. Already several millions euros have been saved by our companies thanks to our Partnership program.

Why our Partnership Program is different?

On top of established startup programs (we are proudly part of AWS, Hubspot and Stripe programs…),  we identify and benchmark most used or expensive solutions for both XAnge and Siparex portfolio (+350 companies). The wide size of our accumulated portfolios allows us to deal important discounts and additional services from our partner-providers.

How do we choose our providers ?

Alongside making money spending efficient, we want to be time efficient for our founders. We select and choose providers through a rigorous process:



We benchmark at least 3 players (comparative work
on prices, features, use cases) ;


We do at least 3 reference calls, following a precise evaluation grid


We move on with the providers offering exclusive deals