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As investors, we are the first to know the recruitment needs of our funded startups and we are convinced that employees are the key to success in startup development. That’s why, we’ve created XAnge Talents, a curated list of top profiles able to support our founders’ vision.


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Why should you apply via XAnge?

1. Get access to a pool of growing and high-potential scale-ups in Europe: Most of our startups get +100% growth every year, 4 of them are in the Next40  and 1 in FT120. 2. Be the first to know about opportunities: As investors, we are the first to know when key executive roles are opening such as Head of growth and marketing, Chief Marketing Officer, Marketing Manager, Head of Inbound Marketing… 3.  Get access to off-market opportunities: With +400 open positions in France and abroad, we can share with our pool of talents off-market opportunities that are not available anywhere else.

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If you are looking for a position in a challenging environment, you are at the right place! Take a look at our +400 job openings within hyper-growing companies. Join the XAnge Family