European Deep Tech Executive Compensation Benchmark

European Deep Tech Compensation Benchmark

In the rapidly evolving world of Deep Tech, securing the best talent is not just important—it’s the engine driving innovation forward. Yet, one of the biggest hurdles for startups is competing with established players without access to vital data on executive compensation. Even within our portfolio, nearly 20% of support requests we receive are related to compensation and hiring.

Recognizing this challenge, XAnge and Coulter Partners have united to conduct a landmark study in this realm with a particular focus on sectors including Computational Biology, Health, Novel Energy, and Climate.

This unique collaboration aims to bridge the gap, offering unparalleled insights into executive compensation within Deep Tech.


*All contributions are kept anonymous. Submissions may be made on behalf of a company or by individual employees.

“Attracting top talents emerges as a pivotal test for deep tech startups, especially when navigating a pool that is both highly specific and constrained.”

Partner @ XAnge, Engineer and Deep Tech Specialist

Data-Driven Insights


Study Objectives

  • Create a comprehensive dataset on executive compensation exclusively within the deep tech community.
  • Provide benchmarks that empower deep tech companies in Europe to attract the talent essential for addressing global challenges.
  • Deepen understanding of compensation trends, their implications for the sector’s growth, and its sustainability, fostering a more competitive and innovative ecosystem.


Providing Compensation Insights Since 2019

Since 2019, our executive compensation studies have been a cornerstone resource for our portfolio founders. These findings empower them to attract top-tier talent and pave the way for building thriving companies. We have continuously delivered valuable data that supports our founders in making strategic compensation decisions.


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Enabled by the valued contributions from:

Coulter Partners shapes inspiring leadership in science, technology & innovation to enhance global health.


Our goal is to develop Europe’s most extensive and significant compensation dataset tailored specifically for Deep Tech Startups. By leveraging the broad network of Coulter Partners, and our own connections, we are collecting a wide array of data points from across Europe, aiming to capture a comprehensive view of the industry’s compensation landscape.


To ensure the highest data quality and reliability, we will meticulously review all submissions, filtering out any that are incomplete or unclear. Moreover, we are committed to maintaining the anonymity of all contributors, guaranteeing that personal and company information remains confidential. This approach allows us to provide valuable insights while protecting the privacy of our participants.

Deep Tech is characterized by the introduction of groundbreaking science and engineering innovations into products and companies for the very first time. Such technologies have been the driving force behind major waves of innovation, akin to the creation of electricity or the transistor. Consequently, Deep Tech companies present a unique risk profile, often facing higher technological risks while experiencing lower market risks, necessitating innovative investment strategies tailored to their distinct needs.

The culmination of our comprehensive Deep Tech Executive Compensation Benchmark will be unveiled in March 2024, coinciding with the much-anticipated Hello Tomorrow Global Summit on March 21st.