We support founders and CxOs through key challenges between Seed and Series B

XAnge has been developing its Startup Success Platform since 2019: it’s a results-driven service we offer to founders & C-levels to help them tackle operational issues related to successfully scaling their companies.

Main support topics are focused on value creation:

  • Business Expansion
  • CEO Leadership
  • Fundraising & Exits 
  • Team Structuration & Hiring 
  • Sustainable Growth & ESG
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How do we support our portfolio companies?

What sets us apart is our unique Customer Success Approach: that’s why we’re called the Startup Success Team. We know that entrepreneurs need high-quality, rapid problem solving on a daily basis


Our assistance ranges from simple tasks, like helping a founder access a business lead, to more complex issues, like opening a new market—and even to personal matters, such as assisting a founder in securing a loan for their flat. Since 2019, we’ve responded to more than 2000 requests from our portfolio founders and executives within 48 hours, boasting an 82% success rate. Thanks to an intensive product and automation approach, every one of our portfolio companies has benefitted from our support.



For Business, Fundraising, Expertise, and Talent introductions, we open our consolidated network to our founders.

Example: +150 talent introductions done in 2023.



We organize workshops, personal coaching, peer co-development sessions, one-on-one introductions, founders’ dinners, and more.


Example: Founders love the media training we offer before each new fundraising announcement.



We leverage the 250+ portfolio companies we’ve invested in to offer comprehensive overviews of critical scaling issues. 

Our annual Executive Committee Compensation Benchmark.



We negotiate huge discounts on the most popular services startups need, such as AWS, Hubspot, Stripe and more! 


Example: Our portfolio saves an average of €1M per year.

“How much ESOP should I give to my first key hires? What size should my pool be? How should I build the whole compensation package?”

Example Request

Seed Company

“Can you list the top 10 funds I need to meet for my next fundraising round, and do intros? Can you help me prepare my deck and financials?”

Example Request

Series A Company

“Could you help me recruit my next CFO? What skill set should they have? What scorecard? What case study? Where should I source such a profile?”

Example Request

Series A Company

“I need to set up my first office in the US. Can you help me with visas, local taxes, local vendors, etc.?”

Example Request

Series B Company

What do founders have to say about us?

When founders ask us what we can offer, we love to introduce them to the entrepreneurs from our portfolio companies. They’re the best people to ask about XAnge’s support. 

“Really love to work with XAnge! I believe your startup offerings/building ecosystem is best in class.”

Extract from our 2023
Annual Founders Survey


Founder & CEO @ Gleamer

€50+ millions raised


Founder & CEO @ Workmotion
€70+ millions raised


Founder & CEO @ Carbonable

€2+ millions raised

Latest Playbook and Resources

We believe that every company should benefit from our extensive knowledge about startup growth. Here’s a little of what XAnge portfolio companies get access to when joining the XAnge family:


Unlock the Blueprint for Series B Success

Every founder needs a roadmap for success. Our Series B Blueprint transform challenges into opportunities.

XAnge U.S. Readiness Report Preview

U.S. Readiness Assessment​

Evaluate the maturity of your company with respect to the American market.


A peak into what we can offer our founders to help them build a rockstar team!

European Deep Tech Compensation Study

In the rapidly evolving world of Deep Tech, securing the best talent is the engine driving innovation forward. Recognizing this challenge, XAnge and Coulter Partners have united to conduct a landmark study.

A dedicated team

Our team has a wide range of complementary skills, from Executive Coaching and Product Management to Tech and Operations. Our expertise? Knowing what happens at every growth step of a company and helping founders and their management teams reduce their learning curves.


Startup Success Manager


Head of Startup Success


Startup Success Associate