The Series B Blueprint: A Guide for Early-Stage Founders

Unlock the Blueprint for Series B Success

Guiding Early-Stage Founders
Through The Next Big Leap

“In the venture world, Series B represents a startup’s transition from potential to proven traction. It’s when you make the leap from promise to performance.”

Pauline Paquet

Head of Startup Success at XAnge

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Transitioning to Series B requires grit, strategy, insight, and a clear understanding of your startup’s direction. Our Series B Blueprint delivers all of this, offering early-stage founders a detailed roadmap to Series B success.

Covering essential topics like CEO Leadership, Organizational Design, Operations, Key Metrics and more, it’s a valuable resource for any founder looking to prepare their journey forward.

With this Blueprint you will be able to

  • Decode organizational change with concrete examples of leadership teams who’ve taken different roads to success.

  • Understand the organic transition from generalists to specialists, ensuring your team is primed for scaling.

  • Identify weak signals and take decisive action to solve common challenges to scaling startups.

  • Harness forecasting and predictions to make data-driven decisions.


Every founder needs a roadmap for success. Discover the tools and knowledge that can help you transform challenges into opportunities.



The Series B Blueprint has been made possible thanks to the generous support and extensive expertise of our partners. 


Engage with the experts through
deep dives into leadership, 
communications, pricing
key recruitment, finance, 
and KPIs... 

Our sincere thanks to
Tilo Bonow, Alix Nepveux
Oliver Aust, 
Marion Darnet, 
Dr. Andre Retterath, 
David Bizer, 
Jay Anna Harris-Theis, 
Kolja Heskamp, Andreas Oetker, 
Laurence Butler, Dragana Gjorgjievska, 
Julian von Blücher, and many more

for sharing their expertise. 

Peek Inside: The Ultimate Guide to Navigating Series B Success

Every chapter of our Blueprint equips founders with tools, strategies, and insights critical for Series B success. 

We’ve divided the Series B journey into four categories: Performance Leadership, Operations, People, and Organizational Design. We’ll focus on four main challenges per category, digging into each challenge’s characteristics, weak signals, KPIs, and related organizational changes. 

Series B is within reach. We wish you every success on your scaling journey!

The Blueprint for Series B Success - A definitive guide for early-stage founders | Product Hunt