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Neobrain: when a solo founder rocks HR

Four years ago, Paul Courtaud, then 23 years old, launched Neobrain, his first company, right before moving to the US for his master’s degree at Harvard.

That’s the beginning of the story of a great founder, one of those rare pearls that one could imagine becoming Netflix material in a few years. If you think about it, all the ingredients are reunited: a young solo founder leaving for the USA while launching his new company.

In 2020, our friends at Breega spotted him and saw the potential, and Paul secured a first seed round for Neobrain.

When I met Paul for the first time in 2021, the situation was a lot different, the company was more mature with more than 80 major customers. Over 300,000 employees had adopted Neobrain to catch opportunities of internal mobility, find the right upskilling programs and manage their careers. Companies such as BOSCH, Natixis, Edenred, Apfa, Sage, Promod, rely now on Neobrain to better understand their workforce and improve retention. Also, Paul now manages a team of 80 people.

What convinced me to come onboard?

It is still very much related to Paul, 27 years old now, and a mind-blowing understanding of the pain points in the Human Resources space, possible solutions and use cases together, with all that he was able to deliver in the last couple of years.

Neobrain is today what HR managers love: the software for skills and talent management. Neobrain allows HR and managers to have a comprehensive view of the human skills inside the organization and to organize an internal marketplace that enables people’s mobility inside the company and retention. Employees are happier and, thanks to the embedded AI technology, they receive job offers and upskilling opportunities in-line with their profiles and career development objectives.

And I have yet not talked of the killer app which is on the way: the strategic workforce planning. The AI technology scans millions of job offers per day around the world and is able to predict which skills will be strategic in a few years in a specific sector – absolutely mind blowing.

In 2022, Neobrain has successfully passed another milestone

Paul and his team raised the biggest Series A in the history of French HRTech. Alter Equity, Crédit Mutuel Innovation and XAnge (which operates on behalf of La Poste Ventures) joined the equity story. 

Today we are delighted to celebrate this big step for Neobrain with one new target in mind, the company’s international expansion. We are ready to ignite the next phase of Neobrain’s story .


[To be continued]: find out more on the next season 😊

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