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Alexis du Peloux

Core Biogenesis: when a deeptech goes faster than expected, Let’s speed up!

In December 2020, we led the seed round of Core Biogenesis. 15 months later, Alexandre and Chouaib raised a €10 million Series A round. For us, it was obvious to participate, and even more so, to lead it again.    So why this enthusiasm?


1.Vision. Core Biogenesis produces key molecules for cell therapy that accelerate the development of cells involved in the treatment of cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. Its unique technology allows it to produce these key molecules at a reduced cost and in quantities that are many times greater than those currently available. This makes these therapies more financially accessible, encouraging their democratisation among patients.

2. Purpose. And it is exciting. Core Biogenesis is at the service of science, it is an enabler for research. Because, at its core, Core Biogenesis works hard to drive down the cost of research on vital topics. 

3. Execution.  Not only do they achieve their goals, but they achieve them ahead of schedule. In concrete terms, they are moving fast, developing more products than planned, and spending less money than expected.

4. The future is exciting. R&D is finished. Core Biogenesis is going industrial with a plant under construction in eastern France. Core Biogenesis is currently conducting tests on samples of its molecules with several clients in the biopharmaceutical industry and research laboratories. The company will multiply these collaborations with its customers and partners until the marketing of its molecules in early 2023. Its first objective is to scale up its molecule production from a laboratory scale to an industrial scale. 

We are truly convinced that Core Biogenesis can become a world leader thanks to its disruptive technology and the quality of its founding team. We are impressed with the way they are structuring the team and the talent they are attracting to strategic positions. 

We are very proud to be part of this adventure, and are honoured that Alexandre and Chouaib have also renewed their trust in us (because, yes, it works both ways!).

Let’s speed up !

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