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The Reliable Approach to Senior Home Care

Some priorities will always ignore the fundraising storms Since 2018, XAnge has been a proud investor of OuiHelp, one of the leaders of the Silver Economy in France, with a presence in 30 cities and a pool of 800 caregivers. Now, with a new 30M€ fundraising round, OuiHelp can aim even bigger.

When we invested in OuiHelp in 2018, we knew we were aiming for the long term. In such a huge and complex market – 10 billion euros only in France, with 2 million people focused on homecare – you just can’t make an instant hit. You have to build a trustworthy brand, recruit top people, build operations locally and establish efficient processes, while managing hyper-growth. That takes  time and energy.

A highly committed team

OuiHelp is run by a mission driven team, under the leadership of Pierre-Emmanuel Bercegeay, Victor Sebag and Bastien Gandouet. Notably, Pierre-Emmanuel, CEO, is an extremely well-connected gentleman, always looking for inspiration and sharing with his peers in the startup ecosystem. Victor is the data-driven COO, a born problem-solver and highly-organized person, very much needed to scale the startup’s operations across France. Meanwhile, Bastien, CTO, is passionate about user adoption, a very specific challenge in the silver economy space where technology has to adjust to its users – not the opposite.

At XAnge we are deeply convinced by Ouihelp’s vision & culture. The potential of the market and the impact on the life of million of people are breathtaking.And that shows in the shareholding we hold in the startup – exceeding the usual percentage we represent in the capital of our portfolio companies. We are delighted to keep investing in this round.

One word on a specific aspect of OuiHelp outstanding execution: while committing at the same time on sustainability and CSR. Ouihelp was one of the first companies in our portfolio to complete the BCorp process or run a carbon assessment of its operations. 


From 1000 to 10,000 caregivers by 2026

Now, with 30M€ fresh capital in the bank – provided by Creadev, Future Positive Capital and XAnge, OuiHelp can be radically more ambitious. It plans to recruit 300 new employees in the next 24 months. By 2026, the team wants to grow from 180 to 900 “Ouihelpers” and to 10,000 caregivers, without compromise on the recruitment process. 

OuiHelp will also double down on tech – one of the startup key differentiators. In the field of homecare, highly digitized approaches didn’t succeed and many startups failed. Instead, OuiHelp opted for a more balanced vision, where tech comes as a support of the experience of caregivers and families, without losing the human touch. Technology is now successfully and relevantly integrated in the OuiHelp experience, in order to provide greater transparency and increase reliability. It is truly a game changer in the market.

That’s this precious blend of humanity and technology that OuiHelp is going to bring to more families across the country, city after city. It takes time, but it’s totally worth it.


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