First believers
Nadja Bresous Mehigan, Partner Impact

Pina.Earth, a start-up working for the planet

Pina was launched in 2021 with a mission to scale European forest carbon projects. Its three co-founders, Gesa Biermann, Florian Fincke and Jonas Kerber bring complementary technical and scientifical skills. They are developing a software platform and building high quality nature based carbon projects. We are excited at XAnge to continue investing in Climate Tech with Pina’s 2.5 million USD round.

Pina focuses on European forest to start-with, where impact of climate change on ecosystems are becoming visible and where action is needed. Carbon finance can indeed generate complementary revenues for forest owners who engage in sustainable forest management supporting forest adaptation to climate change.

It also makes more sense for European corporates and civil society to invest in carbon storage in our own “backyard”. European forests provide high-end nature-based carbon credits for companies with residual emissions to compensate for. It’s not just about the impact on global sequestration. It’s also about protecting the financial, environmental, and recreational values forests bring to our society.

The project is very much aligned with our vision for the voluntary carbon market, which needs to build trust with more transparency, more accuracy and focus on qualitative projects with positive externalities beyond carbon. We also believe companies and individuals need to seriously engage in reducing their emissions as well as compensating and or contributing on top of reduction efforts.

Pina’s team combine forest & carbon modelling skills as well as remote sensing tech bringing strong scientific and technological value added to forest owners and project developers. The software platform enables increased automation, increased accuracy and facilitates the administrative and contractual process of carbon projects. We believe this is a winning play to facilitate access to carbon finance and increase its effectiveness, both financial and environmental.

Because this investment is a contribution to protecting both the financial and the environmental value forest provide : carbon storage but also water cycle and local climate regulation, soil structure and preservation of biodiversity.

Pina has been selected by the Y Combinator program and we are happy now to contribute to the commercial acceleration in Germany, in France and across Europe.

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