XAnge is thrilled to join France Deeptech

XAnge is now a proud member of France Deeptech, a community of like-minded Deeptech players that aims to amplify the voice of this growing ecosystem.

Since its official launch in November 2023, France Deeptech has rapidly grown, boasting over 200 members including research laboratories, startups, investment funds, and more. The association’s objective is clear: to help transform these promising companies into European champions through the implementation of concrete and swiftly actionable measures. Four thematic working groups have already been set up to address the issues of financing, technology transfer, life sciences regulation and public procurement.

Deeptech already represents 30% of XAnge portfolio

Aligning with France Deeptech was an obvious choice for XAnge, with 83% of our management boasting backgrounds in engineering or scientific disciplines, XAnge has firmly cemented its foothold in the Deep Tech realm, constituting 30% of our investment portfolio.

Our involvement with France Deeptech is a commitment to fostering a thriving ecosystem in which deeptech entrepreneurs can flourish. At XAnge, we believe that since Deeptech startups present a unique risk profile – often facing higher technological risks while experiencing lower market risks – they need innovative investment strategies tailored to their distinct needs.

“Cementing our commitment to groundbreaking innovation, deep tech ventures comprise a significant 30% of XAnge’s investment portfolio. We proudly support visionary disruptors like Treefrog, Ledger, Aerospacelab, Elum Energy, Core Biogenesis, Wandercraft, or Qubit Pharma. Joining FranceDeeptech underscores our dedication to fostering and shaping this dynamic ecosystem.” Says Guilhem de Vregille, Partner at XAnge.

He acknowledges that one of the foremost challenges facing Deeptech lies in attracting top talent. “It emerges as a pivotal test for deep tech startups, particularly when navigating a pool that is highly specialized and constrained”.

This is the reason why we have embarked on conducting an European Deeptech Executive Compensation Benchmark alongside Coulter Partners. Securing the best talent is not just important—it’s the engine driving innovation forward. This landmark study with a particular focus on sectors including Computational Biology, Health, Novel Energy, and Climate aims to bridge the gap, offering unparalleled insights to foster a more competitive and innovative ecosystem.

To shape the future of Deeptech, you can contribute here


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